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Mono Project For the most time, I've been firmly in the largest camp when it comes to the Mono debate - the 'I don't care'-camp. With patent lawsuits being hotter than Lady Gaga right now, that changed. For good reason, so it seems; while firmly in the 'ZOMG-MICROSOFT-IS-T3H-EVILL!1!!ONE!'-camp, investigated the five most popular Mono applications, and the conclusion is clear: all of them implement a lot of namespaces which are not covered by Microsoft's community promise thing.
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RE[5]: Poty
by michi on Tue 14th Dec 2010 14:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Poty"
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Is that your personal opinion or do you have some facts to back up your statement? Personally I prefer Java over C# and Borland C++, but this has nothing to do with the VM in question, nor anything technical, but is simply a better of what I'm accustomed to. OTOH, I prefer Syllable/Haiku API (C++) over Java, and Object Pascal over Syllable/Haiku API. Not at all objective but simply a matter of taste. I don't find Scala to be anything special, but perhaps I'm just showing my age...

It is my personal opinion. It is based on my experience as a professional .Net and Java developer. The software at my company was initially written in .Net. We later ported it to Java. Thanks to SoftReferences, NIO and java.util.concurrent we could improve the performance and simplify the code at the same time. Swing is way better then Windows.Forms and personally I prefer it over WPF, which does not have fundamental things like MVC for tables etc.

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