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Fedora Core I've been using Linux for four years, with the majority of that time spent using Red Hat distributions. I liked Fedora Core 1, but I was not impressed by Fedora Core 2 and its annoying bugs. Fedora Core 3 made up for the shortcomings of its predecessor. Now Fedora Core 4 is out, and unfortunately, it's a mixed bag.
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fc4 review
by re_re on Thu 14th Jul 2005 21:44 UTC
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i'de be happy to post a fc4 x86_64 review, i just installed it on a spare partition a couple days ago, haven't really played with it though

I've never used any of the Fedora core distros much but.... i'll give it a whirl ....

give me a week or so, i'll put up a detailed review

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