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OpenBSD Okay, this is potentially very big news that really needs all the exposure it can get. OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt has received an email in which it was revealed to him that ten years ago, the FBI paid several open source developers to implement hidden backdoors in OpenBSD's IPSEC stack. De Raadt decided to publish the email for all to see, so that the code in question can be reviewed. Insane stuff.
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I wanted to add this link about high-fructose corn syrup to my last post, but the time has expired:

Alcohol without the buzz... every bit as physically dangerous, but 100% legal... even for kids. [Pepsi... Coke... Mountain Dew... RC... virtually every pop/soda out there as long as it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup (and usually as the second ingredient on the list, beside carbonated water.)] The "made with natural sugar" types are relatively rare, and while still bad, their main side-effect is rotting teeth (bactera love sugar).

And about the natural high from hot peppers (and running, and other physical stress):

Really, test these damn drugs before immediately making them illegal because OMG! THEY GET YOU HIGH! I got a nice buzz after eating tacos with 6 habanero-type peppers earlier, it made me feel good, it didn't kill me. I also felt really damn good after running the mile years ago in school for the EXACT SAME REASON. And I wouldn't naturally have opioid (opiate) and THC (cannabis) receptors in my brain if nature forbid me from doing drugs.

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