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OpenBSD Okay, this is potentially very big news that really needs all the exposure it can get. OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt has received an email in which it was revealed to him that ten years ago, the FBI paid several open source developers to implement hidden backdoors in OpenBSD's IPSEC stack. De Raadt decided to publish the email for all to see, so that the code in question can be reviewed. Insane stuff.
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There is zero hostility on my part; I'm merely stating a fact. google_ninja is trolling - with support from MollyC. No surprise though. They are as mad as a certain french windmill.

EDIT: Corporate Capitalism results in companies only having one incentive: Maximum profit. This means they will do as little as necessary and cannot be relied on for anything remotely connected to infrastructure and security. They are good at making refrigerators, but that's it really. Anything more than that requires laws that diminishes profits unless the companies take on certain tasks. Or put differently: Companies have zero incentive to audit their code.

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