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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Yet another possible change in Ubuntu's core components: they're mulling over replacing GDM with LightDM. Why? Well: "Faster - the greeter doesn't require an entire GNOME session to run. More flexible - multiple greeters are supported through a well defined interface. This allows Ubuntu derivatives to use the same display manager (e.g. Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc.). Simpler codebase - similar feature set in ~5000 lines of code compared to 50000 in GDM. Supports more usecases - first class support for XDMCP and multihead."
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by Nagilum on Wed 15th Dec 2010 20:46 UTC
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The major downside I see is speed.
Although I'll be able to get faster to the login it will take me longer to get to a workable (Gnome-)desktop.
Personally I prefer a longer boot time if it saves me time from login to a working desktop.
Of course the move makes perfect sense for all Ubuntu variants that don't use a Gnome desktop imho.

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