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Mozilla & Gecko clones Both Apple and Microsoft are betting on H264 for HTML5 video, while Firefox and Opera focus on WebM and Chrome does both. Microsoft, however, is kind of an oddball; they first stated they would limit HTML5 video support in Internet Explorer 9 to H264, excluding all other codecs, but later made an exception for WebM, as long as the user installs the WebM codec. Now there's a new move by Microsoft: a Firefox plugin that allows the browser to hook into Windows 7's native video framework to provide H264 support.
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This is actually the way to go, I think.
by coolvibe on Thu 16th Dec 2010 08:59 UTC
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The browser should actually not care what kind of content is offered, it should just play it, and Microsoft here is right to let Firefox plug into the Media framework that the OS provides. Similarily for Linux (and other unix-like systems), Firefox should look at gstreamer for support for formats. It's kinda silly that the browser itself has to provide codecs. The frameworks are there, use them.

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