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Mac OS X Hi, I'm Thom Holwerda and I jailbreak my iPhone. There, I said it. Some suggest all jailbreakers only do it to pirate applications, but those of us familiar with the practice know there's a whole load of other reasons, the biggest of which is customisation. The iOS isn't pleasing to look at in my book, and hence, jailbreaking allows me to make my iPhone pretty. Jay 'saurik' Freeman, the man behind the Cydia App Store, is going to bring Cydia to the Mac, to bring the kind of customisation options from Cydia to the Mac.
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by kovacm on Thu 16th Dec 2010 10:50 UTC
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"it's unforgivable Apple hasn't implemented this."

if it is unforgivable, why than you still use Apple iPhone? ;)


"Now that I'm using my MacBook Air, I'm reminded of just how cumbersome and clunky Mac OS X can be compared to Windows 7 and Linux (they still haven't fixed the Finder - either Apple is entirely oblivious to a decade's worth of complaints, or they're really short on developers)."

lol! yes, yes... Windows GUI is so much better that Mac OS X... not!

I do not see what Mac Cydia will change?!? You have for last 3 decades third party application that modify Mac OS. So what will Mac Cydia change?

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