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Mac OS X In two recent columns, JLG analysed why iOS may well replace OS X, as well as why it may not be such a good idea after all. "So: Now that I've taken both sides - yes, iOS will be the Apple OS; No, it won't - what do I really believe? I think it's a matter of numbers and layers of software silt. [...] The lure of a fresh start, of a born again OS that I evoked two weeks ago will be too strong. Over time, iOS version 7 or 10 will become the operating system that runs inside most Apple computing devices."
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Stockholm syndrome
by Verenkeitin on Sat 18th Dec 2010 17:42 UTC
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From Gassee's blog post:
"A few days ago, I downloaded a neat little utility to silence the startup sound on my new 11” MacBook Air. [...] it’s freeware; [...] How much would I have paid for it from a Mac App Store? Less than $5, more than 99 cents."

That's sad on so many levels.

It's like Apple customers are Elois. Their things are pretty but fragile, and they are far too clueless to change or fix anything. FOSS Morlokcs have things that are free and robutst, and they know how to make, fix and change anything. The analogy will be complete when Apple users pay for things like basic system settings.

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