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Legal Well well well well well, paint me red and call me a girly scout. I've been saying for months now that there's much more collaboration between Apple and Microsoft than their respective fanboys want to believe, especially when it comes to fighting Google and Android, which both companies partly do via patent suits. More evidence for this has emerged today. Remember CPTN Holdings, the consortium led by Microsoft which bought that bundle of patents from Novell? Which other companies are part of this consortium? EMC. Oracle. Apple.
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Apple is the most copied and imitated company in the tech world.

Apple clearly wants to protect itself, it's intellectual property and to position itself to be able to resist offensive legal attacks by competitors who cannot compete with it in the market.

And Apple have themselves copied the inventions of Xerox PARC, Microsoft (yes, copying goes both way between those), Palm, Archos, and many others...

Innovation does not come from nowhere. Any "new" product is just a slightly improved version of an already existing product, with new features brought from other already existing products. Human imagination is based on exterior inspiration, you can't get around this basic fact.

You're basically advocating that at some point, Apple made the "final" product and thus got some intellectual property on it, that it should be illegal to copy what they do from that point. That's horribly wrong. In fact, that's the core failure of the copyright/patent system : copyrights and patents which last too long end up being a tool against the innovation which they're supposed to promote.

These should last at most 5 years, nothing more.

Otherwise, if I code a simple operating system, I'm sure I'm already infringing on something silly like "Switching an AMD or Intel CPU to 64-bit mode" or "Loading a computer program from an optical storage medium". The sole thing which protects me from being sued is that I'm not a major actor in the OS market and no one has an interest in suing me.

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