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Windows While Microsoft's Security Essentials has been very well received because of its small footprint and unobtrusive nature, it didn't always rank among the very top when it came to its detection rates. Overall, I'd still say it's one of the best antivirus tools. Now, with version 2.0, Microsoft has improved the detection mechanisms, but of course, it'll take some tests before we can see how effective they are.
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RE[3]: XP not excrement just yet
by NeoX on Mon 20th Dec 2010 00:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: XP not excrement just yet"
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I used XP for about 8 years, and could count on two hands the number of times it blue screened on me, and most of those were due to faulty hardware. I'm not saying that 7 is LESS stable, but it's really hard to get any more stable than XP was for me. I also had zero security issues with XP, but I'm one of those individuals that actually used common sense, so perhaps I am in the minority.

You are not alone. This is my experience too. Although I can count zero hands how many times my XP system has hard crashed on me. Of course I have had apps crash but never the OS. I build my own systems and have for years and that could be part of it. I use common sense, which a lot of users lack and I do not leave it running 24/7 although sometimes weeks at a time. I can say the same for Vista. So clearly the people that say that XP is unstable and a steaming pile of garbage should look at the junk they are running it on. XP is picky with configurations, from my experience. I repair computers full time and have seen all sorts of hardware errors and hard crashes, but they were usually from faulty hardware or drivers or misbehaving applications that had improper hooks into the OS. (Can you say Norton or McAfee?)

I like 7 and it is growing on me more but to say that it is faster on the same hardware as XP really depends on the hardware and based on my experience I would strongly disagree with that. My 2007ish core 2 duo runs noticeably faster in XP than in Vista or 7. I have somewhat modern hardware, although not the current latest.

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