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Google The source code for Android 2.3 has been released. "Nexus S went on sale yesterday morning in the US, running Gingerbread. Just like I did for Froyo, I'm open-sourcing the matching Android platform source code, right after the first consumers get their hands on it. I'm going to start literally right now, and the process will take a few hours."
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I know it's a walled garden, and all those lovely descriptors people want to throw at it, but every single person who I know that has an iPhone 3G, 3Gs or 4 - and there are a lot of them - are running the latest iOS, because they simply clicked update.

Aha,yes that is true. However I bet many of those people didn't expect updates to cause issues like ios 4 on 3gs. Or that major features wouldn't be available to them. But yes the Iphone does benefit from lack of diversity.

I appreciate that this is also the case with Google's own phones, but my point is that there are surely a lot of people out there who've bought into the whole "it's just like an iPhone only open" or "it's just like an iPhone but you can do more with it" thing, who bought other Android based phones, who may have to wait months to be able to use their sexy "over the air" updating to get new features, if at all.

Being one of the "I want it now!" brigade, I know if it was mine I'd be pretty pissed off.

Whoever is saying Android is iphone but open should be shot. Also whoever is marketing that ought be hung, drawn and quartered.

It is usually the case that the I want it now, buy good phones and root them. It is usually the the cheap or carrier branded phones that suffer the worst...but then you get what you paid for...

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