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Google The source code for Android 2.3 has been released. "Nexus S went on sale yesterday morning in the US, running Gingerbread. Just like I did for Froyo, I'm open-sourcing the matching Android platform source code, right after the first consumers get their hands on it. I'm going to start literally right now, and the process will take a few hours."
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Wow. Ok. I wonder how many people who bought Android handsets other than Nexus had this little gem explained to them?

Average Jane and Joe doesn't care - only geeks do, and they knew already. Seriously, now I have a handful of colleagues with Android handsets, and they coldn't care less for OTA updates. What they care for is built quality, usability, some cool apps & games. Today's Android handsets deliver on all fronts. And for people who do care about always getting the latest and greatest, there is always a completey open phone available, and some that are more or less hacker friendly.

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