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Google The source code for Android 2.3 has been released. "Nexus S went on sale yesterday morning in the US, running Gingerbread. Just like I did for Froyo, I'm open-sourcing the matching Android platform source code, right after the first consumers get their hands on it. I'm going to start literally right now, and the process will take a few hours."
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I want to buy an Android phone (LG Optimus One), because it is a good price and has decent features and is a big upgrade from my nokia-dumb phone, but am hesitant to buy it because the company does not give any info about how long they will support and update the phone. Also, there does not appear to be a cynogenmod available for that phone.

So, here I am ready to spend the money but not sure if it is a good idea. I'll probably wait until 3.0 is released and buy a low-end phone that runs 3.0 decently. Atleast that way, it is likely that I'll get updates for 3.x alteast!??

Atleast with the iPhone, even the old 3GS is guaranteed updates for another 1.5 years. I wish Google & Android phone vendors would do something about mentioning how long phones would be supported.

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