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BeOS & Derivatives Due to user donations, Haiku, Inc. has enough money to pay Axel through to at least the end of November, as a full, 40-hour-a-week employee. He has also started maintaining a blog of his work.
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Despite all the hot air and mighty furor over the Linux Desktop's supposed lack of progress or its continual evolution into a usable desktop, the parent's point has been lost. The point? Simple: Until a solution appears that can be easily and usefully installed to a computer with FULL hardware support no one cares. And until [INSERT FAVORITE OS HERE] is capable of doing something that the 'average' user is concerned about no one will care whether it overtakes or surpasses the [INSERT DOMINANT OPERATING SYSTEM HERE], as long as they are able to do whatever it is that has their fancy with that OS.

Right now, quite frankly the War for the Desktop has barely even begun. No one can say what will be the case in the next ten, twenty years. So at this point in time Haiku has just as good a chance to be come the Desktop enviroment of choice as anything else...whether that be SkyOS, KDE, GNOME, or whatever else might exist. It took us nearly twenty years or more to get Windows to the point where anyone would want to use it; it may take another twenty years to create something 'good enough to replace it.

Fact is, we won't know what the next 'killer app' is until its already become blasť...right now on the Desktop no one has that aspect working for them...


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