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Podcasts The team have managed to pull themselves away from Minecraft long enough to produce a new podcast! The aim of this show to cover the big topics of 2010, including: HTML5 video, the rise of Android, more tablets than you can shake a stick at, handheld gaming biting at Nintendo's heels, companies suing companies and consumer rights degradation, web apps taking over the world, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series and capping off with our feelings on the lay of the land in 2011 before we invariably end up back at the crafting of mines.
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Nintendo and video games
by drcouzelis on Mon 20th Dec 2010 18:22 UTC
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I was very surprised by your comments about Nintendo.

In regards to re-releasing old games, Nintendo, of course, does that because they make money from it.

You tried to make a point about Super Mario Galaxy 2 being exactly the same as Super Mario Galaxy 1. How is that a different situation when comparing Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 1?

Also, both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are two of the highest rated games for any system. Even if they are similar games, is Super Mario Galaxy 2 not fun because it's similar to its prequel?

Your comment that "Nintendo is afraid of new things" doesn't make sense to me. In regards to hardware, I believe Nintendo is the video game company that is the LEAST afraid to try new things. Do you disagree?

In regards to software, it's true that Nintendo reuses many characters and franchises, but they often do so with new gameplay ideas.

In regards to "what do they have?", next year Nintendo will release the first portable system with a 3D display. As for beyond that, Nintendo has a history of keeping development quiet, releasing a new product that is different from products in the past, making lots of money from it, and then having other companies copy them.

I'm grateful that Tess spoke up at the end with a good comment summing up Nintendo.

Nintendo has been "dying" for decades, yet every year they make a whole lot of money.

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