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Mac OS X It's a public secret that there are many people with complaints about Mac OS X's Finder. It lacks several features common to other file managers, and on top of that, it has several issues with dealing with some types of network shares (SAMBA, specifically). While third parties can't fix the bugs, they can extend the Finder's feature set. TotalFinder is a collection of Finder extensions that tries to bring some of Google Chrome's interface ideas to the Finder. BinaryAge was kind enough to provide me with a free license so I could give a quick review of TotalFinder.
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by henderson101 on Tue 21st Dec 2010 10:41 UTC
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I think it is amusing that most of the things Thom is moaning about are also things that were exactly the same in BeOS R5.03 (one of his favoured OS.) The classic Tracker was actually more annoying, as it opened every folder in a new window (no way to stop it doing this without using a keyboard modifier) and did not support "copy" and "paste", let alone "cut". OpenTracker has addressed some of these issues, but pure vanilla R5.03, as in BeOS as Be Inc intended it to be used, has more "flaws" that Finder in OS X. You know what though? I cut my teeth on BeOS, so I was used to all of this. When I moved to Mac, it was all the same - with some improvements. Sure I moved to OpenTracker (I was on PowerPC, so I used to build from source) but most of the crufty bloatware Windows features were left off. All I used to do was turn off the "open in new window" and add the navigation bar. All else was left "as-is". You know what? I survived.

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