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Mac OS X It's a public secret that there are many people with complaints about Mac OS X's Finder. It lacks several features common to other file managers, and on top of that, it has several issues with dealing with some types of network shares (SAMBA, specifically). While third parties can't fix the bugs, they can extend the Finder's feature set. TotalFinder is a collection of Finder extensions that tries to bring some of Google Chrome's interface ideas to the Finder. BinaryAge was kind enough to provide me with a free license so I could give a quick review of TotalFinder.
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by macinnisrr on Tue 21st Dec 2010 11:41 UTC
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Since I've been using linux as my daily desktop (about 5 years), I've used Konqueror, Dolphin, Nautilus and Thunar. All of these support not only all the features listed here, but also all the features (like drag/drop) you'll find in Finder or Explorer. Now, while I realize most people will never use all these features, why would anyone think it's a good thing to exclude them, especially when they're presumably so easy to implement? Of course everyone has their own way of working, but I firmly believe the best option is to support them all, first of all so that nobody has to learn a new way of doing things when switching systems, and second so that users can learn a new and potentially faster way of doing things if they so desire. Kudos to the developers of this software. Now if only Apple/Microsoft will take a hint...

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