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Amiga & AROS A few moments ago, a woman appeared at my doorstep with a package for me. Since it was about 19:30, I was a little perplexed - this isn't a very usual time to be delivering packages. Also, this was a woman who I've seen walking around town before - she's a local. She handed over the package, and when I saw the note on top, I was even more intrigued: "From Trevor Dickinson, A-EON Technology".
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RE: Good distraction!
by Junius on Tue 21st Dec 2010 15:38 UTC in reply to "Good distraction!"
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What a good idea to distract everyone from the fact that the X1000 simply isn't coming along so well.

Perhaps, but for once I'm going to hold back my cynicism.

The way I see it is the X1000 was always pretty much doomed as a commercial venture, there is a chance it will succeed and I hope Trevor can turn a profit and maybe even go on to develop an X500 or something (X1200 would be interesting.)

Out of all the 'icons' of the community that I've seen come and go, Trevor seems like a stand up guy, perhaps because that's all he's trying to be. He's not deluding himself in what he thinks he can achieve (unlike dear billy boy) he's just trying to keep a platform he loves alive like every other Amigan, some keep it alive by hacking existing hardware, writing new 68K software and just reliving the glory days, others like Trevor and the AROS and MorphOS teams look to the future and that's good too. Best of all though... he's being honest and upfront with the community. (again, gotta miss bill)

Personally I'm happy with Protracker and AmiBlitz on my A1200, and I'm looking forward to working on something for AROS when I've done enough research and got the thing to run properly on my laptop; but that doesn't mean I'm not happy that Trevor is taking the Amiga to new places and inviting us along for the ride. I wish him, my favourite computer and all the Amigans out there a merry drinkmas and the best of luck for the new year. Maybe we can all get along in 2011?

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Anyone remember Vroom? Just rediscovered this little racing gem last night. It's even made me put down F1 for the ps3 I got last week.

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