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Mac OS X It's a public secret that there are many people with complaints about Mac OS X's Finder. It lacks several features common to other file managers, and on top of that, it has several issues with dealing with some types of network shares (SAMBA, specifically). While third parties can't fix the bugs, they can extend the Finder's feature set. TotalFinder is a collection of Finder extensions that tries to bring some of Google Chrome's interface ideas to the Finder. BinaryAge was kind enough to provide me with a free license so I could give a quick review of TotalFinder.
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Never knew Finder was broken
by NathanHill on Tue 21st Dec 2010 23:55 UTC
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I agree with other commenters. I've been using Mac OS for a long time now, and I've never noticed it being so broken.

I am able to jump between Mac -> Window -> Linux pretty easily. Finder is comfortable, easy to work with, and only occasionally annoys me, but I rarely need to spend a lot of time working with Finder due to the quick folder shortcuts I have on the Dock.

Windows, especially Vista, is annoying to work with - impossible to find things and often files are in some bizarre order that denies any logic.

Linux just feels tacked on still - much more comfortable to work from the command line. I rarely save files in, say Ubuntu, anyway because there are very few good applications to work with. I know gnome has made improvements in its user-friendliness, but everything still feels like an after thought.

I've demoed stuff like PathFinder and own a copy of ForkLift but rarely use them. Finder is fast and easy to use and good enough.

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