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Windows Very light on details, but this is interesting nonetheless - very interesting, and potentially one of the biggest things to have hit the operating systems business this decade. Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft plans to announce Windows for ARM processors at CES in January 2011.
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RE[4]: what's the point?
by 0brad0 on Wed 22nd Dec 2010 00:39 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: what's the point?"
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Your argument makes no sense. Did you also think is was a desperate move when, back in the days, Linux went from x86-only to also support its second architecture? I didn't think so. My point here is that the reason why people like yourself want to call this a desperate move, is simply because you don't like Microsoft and their products (btw, me neither), but that has nothing to do with them being desperate, but more about people spreading FUD because they think Microsoft is "evil" and desperately want them to fail.

It makes perfect sense. Back then Linux had zero market share to hold on to. Microsoft has everything to lose. Mobile devices are the future and Microsoft's attempts at this so far have been extremely poor.

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