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Amiga & AROS A few moments ago, a woman appeared at my doorstep with a package for me. Since it was about 19:30, I was a little perplexed - this isn't a very usual time to be delivering packages. Also, this was a woman who I've seen walking around town before - she's a local. She handed over the package, and when I saw the note on top, I was even more intrigued: "From Trevor Dickinson, A-EON Technology".
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IMHO PA6T is supoerior to Freescale's 86xx choices. PA6T is a G5 class 64bit core, 86xx is a G4 class 32bit core. QorIQ for the moment I think also is less desirable than PA6T, though they do finally have 64bit and seem to plan a return of Altivec, so I do very much look forward to news there for something I hope will be comparable to PA6T and have a future which PA6T does not.

PA6T has a good number of SERDES for PCI-Express and other things, with more configuration options than other PPCs, and until QorIQ adds a couple more things I think PA6T is still king of PPC, and however they managed to get some chips I think it's a fantastic choice when restricted to PowerPC.

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