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Gnome Here is a list of usability issues concerning GNOME. "Some time ago I decided to note everything that didn't make sense to me while using Hoary/Breezy with GNOME, or what I thought could be implemented better. I found the time to go through the list again, clarifying somt things and writing some use cases where each problem applies. Some of these might seem very nitpicky, but details are important too."
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Is a usability nightmare, metacity is so lame in the way it handles window positions, I feel like sticking a fork in my eyes so I can't use a computer anymore ;)

Just try and use Gnome with two large lcd's or a new wide screen lcd and see how long before you feel the same way.

I won't even bother with all of its other shortcoming, they have been beaten to death for far too long now.

And what's worse, is soon as someone say's somthing derogatory about Gnome, the comments are modded down or you're ridiculed to death or called a troll.

Wake up you Gnome Devs, you've been sitting on your fat arses patting yourselves on the back for far too long. It's about time you actually did something constructive like actually make Gnome uasable without feeling you need to stick a fork in your eyes!

Oh and it's about time Totem was either sent to the depest, darkest, depths of hell or actually made to play a media file! - It's 2006 nearly, my phone can play movies better and its only 2 months old ;)

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