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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Steve Ballmer has promised us Windows 7 tablets in time for Christmas, and this is just what where going to get. Say hello to the ExoPC. The ExoPC, a Windows 7 tablet, is to be sold in partnership with Microsoft straight from its Windows store. The ExoPC is the first of many ushering in a wave of new Wintel tablets.
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Hans Otten
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Having a real OS instead of the cripled IOS or Android is so tempting. Too many crappy apps to make life bareble on iPad and Android for example. Native window apps and a touchscreen, that will be the breaking point.
And battery life!

The specs are netbook like (screen, cpu, gpu) so not too impressive. The price, obviously influenced by the expensive capacitive touchscreen, is comparable to the iPad or top end Android tablets.

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