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Debian and its clones The Debian project will release the new stable version of debian - Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" - with a completely free Linux kernel. Binary-only firmware and other non-free kernel components will only be available via the non-free repositories and the project is actively encouraging vendors that have not done so already to release their firmware in a form compatible with the Debian Free Software Guidelines.
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RE[2]: Doesn't go far enough
by sorpigal on Wed 22nd Dec 2010 12:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Doesn't go far enough"
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Debian doesn't hold anyone outside the project to anything. This is simply the culmination of an effort of many years to remove from the Debian Linux kernel anything that is not in compliance with the the Debian Free Software Guidelines. Achieving this is an important ideological milestone for Debian but doesn't mean much for anyone who doesn't care about ideology--except that certain hardware won't work out of the box and will require extra steps.

What has held up this, AFAIR, is that when Debian initially wanted to perform this removal the only way to do it was to completely remove the associated drivers, which lead to a crippled kernel. Pragmatically this was not an option so the non-free bits remained in the kernel and every so often someone would complain. The technical solution was to separate things out and make the firmware loadable from a file, then update all drivers that needed non-free firmware to do this. It's all a lot of boring, mundane work that is now (finally) done.

The rest of the world can go and hang, Debian will always do it's own thing its own (IMO correct) way.

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