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Windows Very light on details, but this is interesting nonetheless - very interesting, and potentially one of the biggest things to have hit the operating systems business this decade. Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft plans to announce Windows for ARM processors at CES in January 2011.
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Windows to ARM cofin to intel?
by janis on Wed 22nd Dec 2010 14:48 UTC
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I was thinking about this already by first Android phones released with Arm like cpu.

To me it is inevitable that biggest sufferer is Intel,
and it is no strange that life plays this kind of twists.

Intel newer felt the breath on the neck, and suddenly it is here, and it looks to me Intel has lost the game in the long turn.

While Intel was doubling the Hz and GHz, and at some point artificially stalling the progress, going form standard PC to mobile, Arm has gone different approach from embedded, industrial and military to consumer and mobile. Nor physical space, nor power consumption and heat, nor performance on limited physical space was ever on Intel agenda.

Arm has developed the performance CPU platform on small space via algorithms, on limited power resources and has wide range of applications all the line from military grade to consumption market.

To me any android phone could be extended to a slate or tablet and further to the ordinary notebook. I do not see the laptop of net 18 - 24 - 36 months with the set of Intel chips, but Arm.
Can not wait ho hold my future notebook with some 16 mobile work hours.

Why Intel is not going to the mobile market? It is simple.
It has nothing really to offer.

In addition Interview with arm CEO you can find on

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