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Windows Very light on details, but this is interesting nonetheless - very interesting, and potentially one of the biggest things to have hit the operating systems business this decade. Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft plans to announce Windows for ARM processors at CES in January 2011.
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RE[6]: Two years away?
by DeadFishMan on Wed 22nd Dec 2010 17:13 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Two years away?"
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Very well actually. This is how you should use Photoshop. Photoshop works better on a tablet with a stylus than on a screen with a mouse. I believe a tablet with Photoshop is pretty much a must have for any artist.

Yeah, but you're talking about the early tablets that usually have a stylus and are supposed to be used as input devices only like those manufactured by Wacom and Genius unlike the current tablets that are akin to a small computer with a touch display even though some of the products of the former category do have displays in its higher and more expensive range. These are completely different devices intended for different use cases which I believe is the point that the parent poster was trying to make.

I can imagine that with the tablet version of an application like ArtRage an artist can accomplish a lot and I have even seen some of my favorite comic book artists such as Jim Lee taking a shot at it with surprisingly good results for pictures that look like finger painting! But make no mistake, these tablets are meant to be consumption devices.

I have yet to see anyone claiming that he/she bought an iPad to work with Photoshop in it...

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