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BeOS & Derivatives Gutenprint is a suite of printer drivers that can be used with UNIX and Linux print spooling systems, such as CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System), lpr, LPRng, and others. Gutenprint currently supports over 700 printer models. Gutenprint was recently ported to Haiku, both increasing its printing capabilities, as well as extending its supported printer models. This article describes Gutenprint and the effort to port it to Haiku.
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RE: PPD Files Question
by xaeropower on Thu 23rd Dec 2010 01:32 UTC in reply to "PPD Files Question"
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"fabulous amount of printers seem to be supported"

Exactly seems to be... Just because your printer listed it doesn't mean the driver will work. Actually very few of those printers supported as much as they are in windows not to mention the new 4in1 printers which prints, faxes, copies etc.
You might able to get the printing working but not the other functions and when you go to the manufacturers webpage looking for linux drivers they just throw you a link to GutenPrint and have fun...

If you are about to buy a printer for a unix only network then:
a, either buy a network printer which has its own ppd embedded in it and recognize file formats. In this case you can just ftp a pdf to the printer and its printing it.
b, Do an in depth search about the printer you about to buy is really supported don't just read 2 googled post on linuxquestions, ubuntuforums about it.

Personally I dont give a damn about bothering with the whole *cups* silliness just install xp on a vm and set the printer up in it. It doesn't worth the time when the printers are still on the same price then the ink cartridges. If it doesn't work out you can throw it away and buy a new one.

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