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In the News "Spain last night killed a controversial anti-P2P bill that would have made it easier to shut down websites that link to infringing content. The move was a blow to the ruling Socialist government, but it may be of even bigger concern to the US, which pushed, threatened, and cajoled Spain to clamp down on downloading. And Wikileaks can take a share of the credit for the defeat."
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RE[3]: Not just anti-P2P
by Neolander on Thu 23rd Dec 2010 11:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Not just anti-P2P"
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I'm dismayed by politicians. Are they ever going to do something good for the people?

Well, if we consider the case of France, they have proven that they can if there's or has been recently...
-> A large part of the population taking arms and going for the head of the power in place (1789, 1830)
-> A massive, well-organized, state-wide strike, paralyzing the whole economy (1936)
-> A traumatizing world-wide war (It'd be hard to enumerate the number of nice things which were voted after WWII)

In short, it sounds like we need chaos and destruction on a large scale before something good (or bad) rises from the ashes. I like the irony behind this.

The problem is that current governments and big companies have a "divide and conquer" strategy to avoid massive riots which has proven to work pretty well.

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