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Amiga & AROS A few moments ago, a woman appeared at my doorstep with a package for me. Since it was about 19:30, I was a little perplexed - this isn't a very usual time to be delivering packages. Also, this was a woman who I've seen walking around town before - she's a local. She handed over the package, and when I saw the note on top, I was even more intrigued: "From Trevor Dickinson, A-EON Technology".
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RE[3]: Comment by zizban
by TheGZeus on Thu 23rd Dec 2010 15:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by zizban"
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I think you missed the point...

I'm saying that if they got the remaining stock, possibly even a single run, that it's probably enough to meet demand.

If they made too many, it would actually hurt the future of the company!

That said, _I_ want one, but not to run Amiga OS, but there's a whole story behind that...

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