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In the News "Spain last night killed a controversial anti-P2P bill that would have made it easier to shut down websites that link to infringing content. The move was a blow to the ruling Socialist government, but it may be of even bigger concern to the US, which pushed, threatened, and cajoled Spain to clamp down on downloading. And Wikileaks can take a share of the credit for the defeat."
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RE[4]: Not just anti-P2P
by Netwalker on Thu 23rd Dec 2010 16:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not just anti-P2P"
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Touché on the first part, I forgot about the constitution. Maybe trecking or swiming on a beach whould have been a better example, but I bet there's more of that basic laws in there so I give the point for lost. ;)

But the second part, that piece of the law is the key for what I'm saying. This law's article means...

2. No necesita autorización del autor la reproducción, en cualquier soporte, de obras ya divulgadas

You don't need the author's authorization (for doing a legal copy) in any kind of support, of creations already distributed...

[...] cuando se lleve a cabo por una persona física [...]

...when it's a person who is it doing it (not a company)...

[...] para su uso privado [...]

...for their private use (not to be used on a public proyection, for example a school's proyection...

a partir de obras a las que haya accedido legalmente

...from a legally obtained copy, AND here's the trick: once you make a copy from any content, the copy itself become a legally obtained copy and you can make a copy from it again, that will be legal. Further down there's more conditions:

[...] y la copia obtenida no sea objeto de una utilización colectiva ni lucrativa [...]

...again, no public (collective) use and no money asked for it...

[...] sin perjuicio de la compensación equitativa prevista en el artículo 25, que deberá tener en cuenta si se aplican a tales obras las medidas a las que se refiere el artículo [...]

...that means even if it's a legal copy, you have to pay the "canon". The rest of the article says databases and software is excluded, what means software piracy it's illegal, but music and video is legal the same second the movie is played in a cinema or the song is in a cd for sale.

You should check the Wikipedia article: ( ). There are references to a judge stating that P2P it's legal ( ) and more information on the issue. ;)

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