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Windows The rumours about Windows possibly being ported to ARM has left a lot of people bewildered; why would you port Windows NT when Windows CE 6.0 is a perfectly capable operating system? Putting all the pieces together, it's actually quite clear why you would want Windows NT on ARM: servers.
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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It doesn't make any sense. Windows rack mounted servers ( the kind that would benefit from reduced energy consumption and heat output) are typically used by larger enterprises. Larger enterprises that *have* written software for windows server, and would have to port it over to ARM Windows.

PLus, I've heard the ARM server rumours as well, but I don't believe they will be a viable option. There is today, not a market for ARM based servers. If you are moving from the mobile space, it makes a heck of a lot more sense to gradually move up in processing power: Ie desktops/net tops. Even tablets make more sense: they exist already and use ARM predominately. Microsoft has been abundantly ( and stupidly) suggesting over and over that their tablets will be full windows 7, not CE, not zune OS, not windows phone 7 OS.

Basically, I think anyone suggesting CE on tablets is just giving Microsoft too much credit to make a good decision.

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