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Windows The rumours about Windows possibly being ported to ARM has left a lot of people bewildered; why would you port Windows NT when Windows CE 6.0 is a perfectly capable operating system? Putting all the pieces together, it's actually quite clear why you would want Windows NT on ARM: servers.
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Microsoft doesn't have anything in the SOHO market that supports Active Directory or cloud. They don't have that unifying product that can stave off Cisco or their Linux competitors that makes running SOHO IT easy and integrates cloud services.

Think of a NAS appliance that runs AD, Forefront (new ISA Server), SQL Express, WSUS, App-V, a Microsoft Security Essentials server, and connects to Microsoft's cloud services to run hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, and Azure. Think of being able to run third-party tools and services such as WebSense on this box as well.

Think of them being able to charge a monthly fee for data backup, services, and upkeep. This would create a cloud revenue stream that they do not currently have, provide a seamless interface for backing up AD and doing lots of other tasks companies require sysadmins for, and remove the need for dedicated admins for Exchange and Sharepoint from small companies.

Think of the fact that SOHO PCs can connect to this, be autoconfigured for WSUS, Exchange, Sharepoint, App-V deployment, Microsoft Security Essentials AV/Anti-Spyware, and web filtering, and work.

And here is the shocking part. Linux is inside striking distance on that complete list.

When samba 4 releases almost straight up Linux will have Exchange replacement. Sharepoint vs alfresso Sharepoint normally loses. Virtual apps there are a lot of those for Linux already.

MS is basically forced to port to arm or be broadside not far into the future.

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