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Windows The rumours about Windows possibly being ported to ARM has left a lot of people bewildered; why would you port Windows NT when Windows CE 6.0 is a perfectly capable operating system? Putting all the pieces together, it's actually quite clear why you would want Windows NT on ARM: servers.
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by lordepox on Fri 24th Dec 2010 09:02 UTC in reply to "no"
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Your assumption of ARM is most definitely wrong. Take a little loom back into history, and you will find that server CPU architectures change from larger, more powerful chips to smaller, more energy efficient ones. Just look at how x86 took over from Alpha, PowerPC, all the other larger chips, reducing cabinet size systems to today's blades. ARM servers are coming, and there is much proof of this. Just the other day I was reading about a new ARM 4U server with something like 80 cores in it, and it took less power than a traditional 1U server. That kind of density is impossible with even quad core blades. Here's a little light reading:

As today's ratings change to performance per watt, ARM will make great leaps into server rooms already struggling with cooling issues. Will Intel be defeated? Of course not. Intel chips will always have a place in scientific computer and other very processor intensive tasks where optimized kernel libraries and hardware tricks can accelerate code execution, but for everyday database servers, web servers, and the like, ARM will be the future, a future that takes less power.

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