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Windows The rumours about Windows possibly being ported to ARM has left a lot of people bewildered; why would you port Windows NT when Windows CE 6.0 is a perfectly capable operating system? Putting all the pieces together, it's actually quite clear why you would want Windows NT on ARM: servers.
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And the only vendor who's been able to capitalize on Linux in this market and make a decent profit has been Cisco with their Linksys line of products. Granted, there are a ton of other smaller solutions out there, and quite a few Linux distributions, but they're never going to get the penetration that Cisco will.

Canonical or Red Hat can pull this off with the right subscription model and OEM/partner support (Dell or another enterprise vendor, since HP is too committed to MS). Amazon, Citrix, Cisco, VMWare, Apple, or Google could also pull this off. At this point only Cisco owns the stack and enough of the technologies to bring this to market.

For what people think of Microsoft and Sharepoint, they have a ton of applications and technologies that integrate into them very well that they own. Sharepoint has very robust integration services that plug in everywhere, and provide services that the other Intranet services don't have. This is their best-selling new product in years, and they are converting many proprietary apps to use it as a back-end (Project Server, Exchange Public Folders, etc.). Open Source will not replace 100% of that integration. It works fine for many smaller projects, but not for Excel Services or Project Server.

You really have zero understanding how close Linux guys are. Exchange Public Folders don't make me laugh. sogo using openchange does that as a drop in replacement.

Alfresso has Project Server features built in. Also Alfresso pretends to be sharepoint quite well.

Samba 4 gives drop in replacement to ADS.

All these don't have to use CAL's.

The delay is Samba 4 its a keystone. MS has to move before the Keystone becomes functional or they are going to be hit by a boardside of matching techs on a platform that they don't have a OS for that is lower cost than the platform MS runs on.

Sorry claim that opensource will not replace 100 percent it basically ready to replace at least 90 percent. What for most businesses will be good enough. Since it will replace the missing 10 percent with other ways of getting the same results.

Arm and open source on servers threatens to bring the 500 dollar server todo most business needs into existence with unlimited cals.

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