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Windows The rumours about Windows possibly being ported to ARM has left a lot of people bewildered; why would you port Windows NT when Windows CE 6.0 is a perfectly capable operating system? Putting all the pieces together, it's actually quite clear why you would want Windows NT on ARM: servers.
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No, I do have full understanding of how both work. Sharepoint is about the only thing Microsoft got right in the past 10 years besides Windows 7.

Linux has been close for years. I remember when people were selling Samba 2 solutions for this years ago (remember Cobalt, who Sun bought? I was running them in 1999).

Alfresco pretends to be SP quite well, which in itself was Microsoft's reaction to Oracle's Content Management Server (which started as Internet File System in 1998-1999). However, there are features of Sharepoint that Microsoft pushes that many of the large vendors such as SAP, Kronos, and a very large amount of software vendors use. Your average C-level with purchase-level authority doesn't want to hear "like sharepoint". Project Server in itself is a pretty complex project that sits on top of it as a front end. For every Microsoft product that uses it, there's another 10 industry-specific solutions that do as well.

I've spoken with Microsoft many times, especially about their latest push to build applications on top of Sharepoint by hitting the verticals. They are aiming dead at Adobe, EMC, and Oracle with this, who have solutions so expensive for these that they will make you wish for CALs. Those who complain about CALs have never had to license Oracle or Adobe LiveCycle.

Exchange still has a large amount of the marketplace. I gave that as an example as how Microsoft is transitioning older functionality to newer products.

BTW, I wouldn't run OpenExchange when Google is right there with better functionality and the ability to plug into your LDAP/AD system.

You have no idea of what I was aiming at. Microsoft is trying to replace the idea of CALs, which are the devil, with a subscription-based revenue stream. They actually have all of the technology to put something together that customers can use and is very simple to use. They actually can package it together and sell it. Cisco, via their acquisition of Linksys, also has this knowledge in-house, and has sold products that have this functionality. Oracle, Symantec, Apple, and Google also have the technology, and have implemented it in various forms.

Microsoft is losing money to IBM, Google, Apple, Symantec, Open Source, Cisco, and Intel/McAfee. They have the ability and technology to integrate everything and present a solution to the customers that is a one-box solution.

Canonical (especially since they do a lot of ARM development) or Red Hat, if they had the inclination, could do exactly the same thing with the right hardware and software partners. Novell got bought and neutered by Attachmate/Microsoft and is no longer a threat (and they have the knowledge in-house). They were the Commodore of Linux.

This isn't about having a solution, it's about having an integrated one.

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