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BeOS & Derivatives Gutenprint is a suite of printer drivers that can be used with UNIX and Linux print spooling systems, such as CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System), lpr, LPRng, and others. Gutenprint currently supports over 700 printer models. Gutenprint was recently ported to Haiku, both increasing its printing capabilities, as well as extending its supported printer models. This article describes Gutenprint and the effort to port it to Haiku.
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RE[3]: Overblown
by koki on Fri 24th Dec 2010 22:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Overblown"
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If you actually read what Phipps said about Karl's effort here (see section towards the bottom of the message that starts with "wow")...,13 will see that there is a total unwillingness to recognize that they dropped the ball and that they would not be willing to do anything else but come up with nonsensical excuses that put the accomplished contributor in a bad light.

You may want to put a positive spin to the situation, but, really, using such lame excuses to justify not supporting and eager and knowingly capable individual (Karl had already raised and donated $2K to Haiku by then) and then not showing recognition for his effort and instead chastising him does border ill will.

Sure, Karl pushed through and made the bounties program a success, and he deserves all the credit, credit that was only given reluctantly back and that still now needs to be asked for. So, history repeats itself, and another known contributor to the Haiku ecosystem feels unrecognized. The project never learns in this respect.

As I have always said, development is in very good hands for the most part at Haiku; that the core devs are mostly concerned with development and nothing else. is a good thing. But several other areas of the project (mostly those concerning the wider Haiku community beyond the core devs) suck, as they go unattended as a result or fall in the hands of people who lack the necessary time, motivation and/or skills to perform them.

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