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Microsoft "From its inception in 1991, Microsoft Research has hewed to a remarkably unwavering mission. Its tenets are threefold: to invest in basic research to advance the state of the art in computer science, to transfer technologies into Microsoft products when appropriate, and to collaborate openly with the scientific community. The year 2010 has not varied from this established, successful tradition. But unlike 1991, when Microsoft Research was in its nascent stage, the organization is now fully mature, has grown into a worldwide presence, and has gained eminence as that modern-day rarity: an industrial research unit dedicated to pursuing pure research, in dozens of areas, that is helping to transform the future. Such a track record, naturally, has its own rewards. It's little surprise, then, that a review of Microsoft Research's 2010 highlights are bookended by a pair of illustrious awards, with others - including the biggest - sprinkled throughout the year."
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RE: It's wrong to make a profit
by frytvm on Sat 25th Dec 2010 05:37 UTC in reply to "It's wrong to make a profit"
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Many Americans suffer from a strange and inexplicable belief that doing good for society must always be independent of making money. Hence corporations are inherently evil and all "good" forms of work must be done for free: pick up a little trash around the neighbourhood and everybody will appreciate it, but nobody would every think of paying you...

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