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OSNews, Generic OSes First of all: the entire OSNews team would like to wish you a very merry Christmas. Even if you're not religious, there's always porn on the internet, right? Anywho, these wishes are a bit tardy, but that's because I've been fighting a battle with my computer the past few days trying to find a way to record Minecraft footage so I could make a Christmas wish from inside my creations - a losing battle, so it would seem. So, for Christmas, I have two OSNews Asks items for you to ponder. First, help me record Minecraft footage. Second, and this is of more practical use to myself and probably others as well, help me to set up an automatic backup solution that backs up the contents of one folder on an external hard drive to another external drive.
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RE[4]: Backup
by _txf_ on Sun 26th Dec 2010 23:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Backup"
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I think that you're reading too much into his comments. He is not saying it is out of the question for everyone, just out of the question for him.

And the audio and video stack on linux does suck. The times I get least amount of suckage from X is when using nvidia cards (despite the fact that they are completely alien to the stack).

So I'll say that rare is the instance that everything works completely and flawlessly together. I like boxee and xbmc to tinker around with but generally my requirements are not that specific so they work quite well. I have seen those that have much more strict needs and for them it often nearly works but is never 100%.

I would add though that video with vdpau on mplayer beats the living shit out of any other hardware accelerated player on ANY os in terms of support and flexibility.

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