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In the News "Spain last night killed a controversial anti-P2P bill that would have made it easier to shut down websites that link to infringing content. The move was a blow to the ruling Socialist government, but it may be of even bigger concern to the US, which pushed, threatened, and cajoled Spain to clamp down on downloading. And Wikileaks can take a share of the credit for the defeat."
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RE: I always wondered
by jeepercreeper on Mon 27th Dec 2010 12:31 UTC in reply to "I always wondered"
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Why does the US think it's so important for their monopolic media companies like Disney or Warner to protect their IPs internationally so much, since that's pretty much the only IP that gets exported?

It only benefits a few big companies and it's not like most of the world consumes US-made content so much (well, maybe some countries do?). Many countries even have plenty of laws regarding the % of foreign movies, TV or music that can be shown/sold and the US lobbies do not even seem worried about that.

LOL! This reminds me of another discussion earlier, why USA protects big media companies. It was a quite fun and hilarious discussion. I copy and paste from another thread:

It is true! I am not lying!

Marlon Brando says "Jews run Hollywood, they own it" look here:

And read this, this is the most important text you can ever read! It will change your life forever!!

Yes, many Jews have German sounding names: Spielberg, Beckham, Portman, Goldman, Lehman, Hilton, Silverstein, Sandler, Stiller, etc just read about them on wikipedia in the section: "Early life"!

And the Israeli lobby AIPAC rules the white house! That is the reason USA blocks every UN resolution against Israel! Look here:

So, White House is run by Israel. And Israelis own Hollywood and big media companies. That is the reason the White House protects Hollywood's interests!

Google on "AIPAC" and read more! I am not lying on this!

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