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Legal "Hopewell Culture & Design reckons it owns the act of double-clicking, and is suing Apple, Nokia, Samsung and just about everyone else for breaching its patent. It's not double-clicking per se that US patent 7,171,625 covers, just the act of clicking twice on an already-selected component to action a request for additional information or greater interactivity."
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by Valhalla on Mon 27th Dec 2010 21:57 UTC in reply to "..."
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Patenting an act?

I'm going to patent the act of moving your hand up and down the penis at an increasingly rapid pace. I'm going to be rich!

Unless you get sued to oblivion by people claiming they've gone blind and/or gotten hairy palms from using your patented method ;)

Seriously though, how can they expect this to be held up in court? Yes, I know we are talking about the US in which 'patents' like these are actually granted but still...

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