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Linux Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a plan for transition of power structures and the federal budget to free software. According to the document, the introduction of Linux in government should begin in II quarter 2012.
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"Putin is being smart in having a central repository for their source. Changes can be made in one place and everyone will get the same updates. "
If you think govt has so organized structure of deploying software on their networks your wrong. Its even more chaotic than what companies do on their own networks. They have license for ms products, you could find many boxes with win95 to win7 and linux on their networks. Without any central patching, svn, common programs or anything. Not to mention the amount of warez shit they have on their networks. Govt doesnt different from a .EDU network.

Different branches of the goverment use different oses, programs, databases. I doubt any would be centralized or even organized.
Its like german govt switched to linux, did it really? Guess you will never know. They shouldnt feed microsoft with money anyway but deploy their own linux distros just like chinese did.
I bet half of the russian govt boxes owned by the chinese already.
Want facts on this one ask govt SA-s comment here, i doubt they would cause they are too damb to read good websites like OSNEWS ;) ))
They rather read Microsoft books and forums and use tools such as Cisco |SDM to administrate routers and probably still believe firewalls protect them from everything.

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