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Linux Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a plan for transition of power structures and the federal budget to free software. According to the document, the introduction of Linux in government should begin in II quarter 2012.
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RE[3]: Who obeys its country?
by bassbeast on Tue 28th Dec 2010 23:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Who obeys its country?"
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Paranoid much? I hate to break the news to ya, but pretty much every government (including Russia) has these things called "routers" that are more than capable of DPI, or deep packet inspection.

Any snatching data in that manner would throw up red flags (pardon the pun) when the OS suddenly started making connections not called for. You might as well change the Windows desktop with a LOLCat going "I Can Haz Data?" for all the sneakiness you could pull there. The NSA wanted in the BSD stack because it was used a lot in embedded at the time, which was a lot harder to catch.

No, we've had much better and much harder to detect ways of snatching data from the Russians, and they have used the same on us. Microwave interception, vampire taps on phone trunks, look up "Berlin tunnel phone taps" or "submarine phone taps" for an example from each. A hell of a lot harder to detect, which is why the push for quantum computing which would resist taps.

As for TFA another poster hit the nail on the head. MSFT ticked off Putin by taking one of his favorite excuses for kicking down opposition doors, the "software piracy" raid. Since MSFT gave away free licenses right after Putin pulled the raids I'm sure he saw it as a giant finger from Redmond, and this is him giving the finger back. Having iron handed control of the OS is just a nice bonus, and if that is all he wanted he would have started years ago like China did.

No this is Putin giving the finger to MSFT for not supporting his regime with his "kick down the door of piracy" excuse, and if it is one thing we have learned about dictators is they REALLY don't like being told no.

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