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Internet Explorer Microsoft added a couple of new Christmas themed HTML5 demos to their IE9 test drive site which included Vorbis audio in addition to the AAC audio in the audio tags. They've since modified both demos to remove the Vorbis audio. It seems Microsoft is happy to use Vorbis in HTML5 pages internally, just not publicly.
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as usual with IE9 demos...
by jacquouille on Tue 28th Dec 2010 23:26 UTC
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... they focus on 2D graphics speed because this is about the only area where, thanks to Direct2D, they have a speed advantage over most other browsers/platforms; and showing fancy graphics demos done with canvas/2D helps draw attention away from the fact that most of these demos would be better done (would be much more consistently accelerated on all platforms) with canvas/WebGL, which they are the only next-gen browser *not* to support.

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