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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Every now and then (or, actually, rather often) you come across a story which once again exemplifies why governments should keep their paws off anything remotely related to technology. It seems that not knowing anything about technology is one of the prime reasons why governments the world over fail so spectacularly when it comes to technology-related lawmaking. The latest in the series? France. My southern neighbours (I never acknowledged Belgian independence) are thinking about extending their piracy levy, normally found on CD-Rs and mp3-players and such, to cover tablet computers as well. However, tablet computers running Windows are exempt.
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Thom, don't worry...
by vodoomoth on Wed 29th Dec 2010 00:50 UTC
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be happy! like the song says. You didn't run out of crazy, not with what all the silliness the MPs and government are doing. There's no word in any language for it although the French "débile" (retarded) comes closest.

Yes you didn't because there's more (from a "3rd hand" linked page at

Elle nous apprend qu'en plus d'une augmentation des taux actuels sur les disques durs externes, clés USB et cartes mémoires, et de l'ajout de certains GPS et autoradios à l'assiette des produits taxés, la Commission a décidé de taxer les tablettes tactiles.

"Some" GPS units and car radios will also be subject to that levy... A levy that is supposed to be a targeted at "private copies". Enjoy a world of silliness! I bet we will see more juicy things ooze out of these putrid political brains in the coming days and months.

PS: for those who read French, the comments on that page are a real treat. Just added my own to the feast.

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