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Internet Explorer Microsoft added a couple of new Christmas themed HTML5 demos to their IE9 test drive site which included Vorbis audio in addition to the AAC audio in the audio tags. They've since modified both demos to remove the Vorbis audio. It seems Microsoft is happy to use Vorbis in HTML5 pages internally, just not publicly.
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RE: as usual with IE9 demos...
by Ripples on Wed 29th Dec 2010 02:56 UTC in reply to "as usual with IE9 demos..."
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... they focus on 2D graphics speed because this is about the only area where, thanks to Direct2D, they have a speed advantage over most other browsers/platforms

I know! All the time I am running into sites that use advanced 3D graphics and it upsets me that they aren't trying to support this. I mean 80% of all sites on the web require WebGL right?

IE9 is supposed to support canvas, and WebGL is hardly a fully defined standard right now. If they add it in its current incarnation people will be mad that they "broke" it when it is standardized later and people don't upgrade to the latest version.

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