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Internet Explorer Microsoft added a couple of new Christmas themed HTML5 demos to their IE9 test drive site which included Vorbis audio in addition to the AAC audio in the audio tags. They've since modified both demos to remove the Vorbis audio. It seems Microsoft is happy to use Vorbis in HTML5 pages internally, just not publicly.
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This is a harder call than it appears.
by frank on Wed 29th Dec 2010 22:50 UTC
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This is a mismatch between engineers, middle management, and upper management. I can see how each of them would have a different take on Vorbis support. Engineers always believe that it's easier to implement than it appears. Upper management always believe that it's harder and more costly to support - so all that they can do is pony up a solution that would have the least amount of impact to their bottom line, yet open enough to empower users to add-on functionality.

I'm willing to bet that there are even some engineers who believe they should go to a Webkit browser engine.

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