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OSNews, Generic OSes What were the big themes this year? Which stories on OSNews were the most popular? We dove into our database (well, Adam did), and compiled a list of 2010's ten most popular stories on OSNews. As a metric, we didn't look at silly things like hits or whatever, but at the only metric that matters on OSNews, the only metric which really indicates what our registered (and thus, loyal) readers loved to argue about this year: number of comments. Yes, that headline is intentionally confusing.
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From the "Show us your desktop"
by sbenitezb on Thu 30th Dec 2010 23:24 UTC
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I looked for my old desktop screenshot I knew I posted some time ago ( and I so miss the old KDE 3.5. It was perfect, really good looking, faster that this new KDE 4 abomination with its virtuoso, nepomuk and other useless integrated crap. I would post my xmonad SS, but it's actually so simple that I could post a black image as well.

How I miss the old days of good software...

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