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Legal Due to my incessant whining about the evilness of big content, it's easy to forget that despite all the lunacy those guys throw our way, there are also cases where they're simply very much right. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting on the story of Qiang Bi, who has just been sentenced to jail for two and half years for piracy.
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Comment by westlake
by westlake on Fri 31st Dec 2010 00:35 UTC
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To me, there's a massive and crucial difference between individual folk downloading some music, a few films, and some games - and professional pirates who earn massive boatloads of money by turning their piracy into a business. You know, the folks actually selling pirated copies of films, games, and so on

P2P "file sharing" is an unlicensed wholesale re-distribution driven by greed and ego.

A "sense of entitlement" that is alien to the middle class juror - and the reason why Jamie Thomas gets hammered into the marble flooring every time she goes back into court.

These days game or the movie is a DVD sized download. That is not possible for someone who lives day to day on $1 Red Box rental budget.

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