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Legal Due to my incessant whining about the evilness of big content, it's easy to forget that despite all the lunacy those guys throw our way, there are also cases where they're simply very much right. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting on the story of Qiang Bi, who has just been sentenced to jail for two and half years for piracy.
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RE[2]: take care
by tweakedenigma on Fri 31st Dec 2010 17:40 UTC in reply to "RE: take care"
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However certainly in my social circle, spotify has pretty much stopped a lot of piracy by some of my friends, because they don't need to do it and listening to an Ad once every 4 or 5 songs doesn't really bother them. In fact I use Spotify even if it is music I got on my machine, just because it is easier.

The thing is when I can download an entire Album in less than 30 minutes (with a decent broadband connection), why would I bother travelling to the record shop? People are lazy and will do the least amount necessary to get something in the vast majority of circumstances. Spotify certainly is less effort than finding a torrent.

Anyway I have gone off on a tangent.

It might be a tangent but its also spot on. Most people I know who used to pirate a lot of stuff just use Netflix and services like it. People are naturally Good and Lazy so give me an easy way to do something and don't treat me like a criminal and I am more then happy to pay.

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