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Humor I shall make no bones about the fact that this request is purely filler material, but such threads have been a success in years past. Dear OSNews readers please furnish us with your wondrous and diverse desktop screenshots and machine specifications! Considering that I have used the same wallpaper and platform since 2006, there is no great insight that I can bring to the table. Also, whilst I'm here--OSNews Asks: How have mobile OSes changed your habits this year?
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Think Debian.
by UltraZelda64 on Fri 31st Dec 2010 23:52 UTC
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Imagine Debian Squeeze / Testing (6.0) in its current state (running GNOME). Now imagine that not a single thing visually has been changed--not even the wallpaper.

Yep, that's my desktop. No screenshot required; it's nothing special.

I've been noticing that despite having collected a shitload of wallpapers, I have been using them less and less. Mostly because I don't feel like wasting the time looking through them, and the fact that I never actually *see* my desktop anymore anyway. For example, right now, Firefox is taking up almost the entire left half of the screen and some of the right, GNOME Terminal is taking the remaining space on the left side of the screen (being mostly covered by Firefox), and Geany is taking nearly the entire right half of the screen (again, being partially covered by Firefox).

I changed the font view settings (too much hinting kills it for me) and adjusted the DPI to suit my monitor (from 96 to 99), but for the most part, the defaults are intact; including the Clearlooks theme which, while I do tend to prefer darker themes, is clean enough and I see no need to change it. Though I might eventually (bright white and other colors do tend to give me a headache and get on my nerves after a while, and Clearlooks is a bit too bright for my tastes--but most of the dark themes I've tried have glaring annoyances or parts that are hard to see due to poor contrast in the design).

Oh, and I have installed and am using the set of fonts Microsoft included with Windows; the two standouts are Lucida Console which I use for the terminal emulator, and the third-party Fixedsys Excelsor which I use in all text editors. [Am I the only one who just loves Fixedsys?]

My biggest mistake was probably deciding to get a monitor of 1680x1050 resolution; I should've got 1920x1200 at the very least to be safe. This thing is actually a step back from my previous CRT 1600x1200 monitor/resolution configuration, especially when it comes to vertical space. Next time, I'll know.

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